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We are here to offer you an original, complete service for those who love nature, woods, wilderness, quietness.

We invite you in Romania, where the wilderness of the nature impresses in numerous destinations, from the strange of the Nera keys to the faunistic and floral variety of the wellknown Retezat mountains! Behalf these we propose you many other places, unknown even for the majority of the romanians, places hidden for the eye and foot of the usual traveller.

Offroad-trips offers what its name says, incursions in the untained, wild nature, through its different ways of approach, with the car, enduro, or by simple trekking

We offer complete packages of accomodation and fully asistance, on different periods of time, by the client's choice. Every package can be adapted on the will, time and preferences of the client.
There is a large number of destinations, that's why every new trip brings up a new experience.

Through offroad-trips we want to offer a warm, quiet experience, like in a group of friends, an excellent alternative for the stressfull daily, an opportunity for relaxation and reload of the batteries. That's why we specify form the start that we don't organize parties, celebrations, events that are full of alcohool or agitation.

We offer you in the Gallery a small part of the experiences that you can live exploring the places that we propose to you. We mention that all the images are  catched by us, in the numerous trips made, no picture it's copied form other source!

Our team it's in a permanent seeking of new places through a continuous exploration to offer always new destinations addressed to all kind of prefferencies, or to those who want to return by us and go to new, unexplored places.
Prices from 350 Eur/1 person/ 6 nights/ all inclusive, 3* pensions, also included pick up from airport (Sibiu or Bucharest)
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We thank you for your patience to read our manifest and we wish you a pleasant day!

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